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By: Winona Hackney
Top 10 leadership lessons from Christmas Vacation

When I was growing up, considered one of my favorite things to do was help my mom make her Christmas chocolate candy recipes. OK, truthfully, mostly I watched, but even which was a treat. Before I knew it, she had Christmas goodie baskets full of chocolate and caramel turtles, peanut butter balls'like peanut butter cups only round'fudge, chocolate peanut brittle as well as a host of other Christmas chocolate candy. In honor of this sweet tradition, I thought I'd compile several of the best chocolate recipes to suit your needs in case you're a little bit of last minute candy making.

With new hairstyle, hot romance with Selena Gomez along with pending paternity suit, Justin Bieber is still a hot internet sensation this year. The singer is topped their list of Bing's most-searched celebrities of 2011. The biopic film "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' as well as the 'No. 1 Christmas album' have made Bieber more popular

Her thought of fun ended up being to walk the university's campus, picking up coins within the dorm parking lots while looking over the day's activities, like area high schools visiting the campus to determine a play or take part in an academic competition. She often fantasized that maybe she will discover enough money to move out of the apartment she was currently renting and buy a home in a very nice safe suburban neighborhood. "I know that is not realistic, but a lady can dream," she often told herself. She decided that today she would place on a T-shirt and sweatpants and go for a walk. That way, maybe she can get more detailed her dream. Then she looked out her living room window and quickly changed her mind.

Beginning with radio stations broadcast telling the American people in the launch of Sputnik, this chapter tells of life within the city of Coalwood within the few days after Sputnik. It mixes well with all the life of the young boy as well as the events, both world-changing and a lot more personal, which can be affecting his world.

Contest Judge. If you have other children to occupy, you might organize an at-home holiday bake-off (or cook-off) and permit the sick child judge entries (make an Official Judge badge and pin it to her nightie--she'll prefer that). If she's too sick to participate, she can also preside over card-making, present-wrapping or tree-trimming contests--anything to include her and help her not feel too left out of family fun (and keep from going insane while using chaos.)

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