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By: Randal Deschamps
Also known as onychomycosis and tinea unguium, nail fungal infections are the most common diseases of the nails, making up about 50% of nail abnormalities. Both fingernails and toenails are susceptible to the infection, which usually manifests as discoloration and thickening of the nail and crumbling edges. The condition most commonly occurs in toenails.

Asthma. In asthma, the cough is usually accompanied by wheezing and occurs mostly at night or during activity. Fever is rarely present (unless the patient also has an infection). Asthma symptoms from occupational causes can lead to persistent coughing, which is usually worse during the work week. Tests - the methacholine inhalation challenge and pulmonary function studies - may be effective in diagnosing asthma.

PathoLase has assembled a world-class group of top scientists, academic thought leaders, and leading practitioners from around the world, to bring to market a new generation of laser technology solutions to address a series of medical issues from toenail fungus disease and periodontal disease to more serious life threatening problems, such as blood borne and respiratory infections.

Obesity, diabetes, and pregnancy also encourage yeast infections. Yeast generally infects intertriginous areas (areas where skin contacts skin). Overweight people have more folds in their skin. They also sweat more, and candida albicans is fond of moist skin. Moist diapers can also provide a good environment for the yeast to grow. People with diabetes have high blood glucose and increased glucose levels in other body secretions, which encourages the growth of yeast. Pregnancy causes temporary weight gain and may temporarily weaken the immune system.

Most medical professionals will suggest a medicine like diflucan or perhaps over the counter treatment like Monistat remedy. This may remove the dilemma-although not completely. Therefore, you will fork out more money the next time the infection returns. Information on a suitable yeast-free diet and eating the right foods can be found in the link below;but-in general-if you stop taking sugar and alcohol, or greatly reduce these, you will hasten your recovery; also, eating natural yogurt will help prevent the infection re-occurring. A white wine vinegar douche (and that is a handful of drops of white vinegar added) inside a sitz bathroom, and washing in it for 10 mins, could be successful as well.

Pour some warm water in a tub and add hydrogen peroxide in it. Now dip your feet for sometime in this water. Thereafter, apply sea salt on your toe nail and leave it for a couple of minutes. Now, add a cup of sea salt into the tub and dip your feet again in it. Leave it for 30 minutes. Pat your feet dry and apply one or two drops vinegar to your toenail. Try this saltwater soak daily to heal the infected toe completely. This treatment will kill the bacteria causing infection.

Vaginal candida infections can be treated with topical or oral antifungal drugs such as fluconazole or nystatin (Sobel 2012). The species of candida a woman is infected with can influence treatment response. For example, fluconazole and nystatin are both effective for the treatment of Candida albicans, but in women with non-albicans species, only fluconazole is highly effective (Rodrigues Martins 2012).

As of May 2005, there was no known SARS transmission anywhere in the world, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The SARS outbreak is a dramatic example of how quickly world travel can spread a disease. According to reports from the CDC and WHO, more than 8,000 people became sick with SARS during the outbreak. Of that group, 774 died. The outbreak is also an example of how quickly a networked health monitoring system can respond to an emerging threat.

Vancouver offers travellers both outstanding opportunities for outdoor adventure and the sophisticated amenities of a world-class city. Take advantage of the city's oceanside location, with plenty of green space and many recreation opportunities in the mountains 20 minutes north of downtown. After a busy day, linger over a glass of BC wine and a locally inspired meal, or unwind at one of Vancouver's unique spas.

A person with shingles can spread the virus when the rash is in the blister-phase. A person is not infectious before blisters appear. Once the rash has developed crusts, the person is no longer contagious. Shingles is less contagious than chickenpox and the risk of a person with shingles spreading the virus is low if the rash is covered (Wallmann 2011).

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